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Kevin Ames

Founder, Ames Leadership Institute

From Boston to Beijing, Melbourne to Mumbai, Kevin Ames is considered one of the best speakers, coaches, and consultants in the world.

Kevin Ames is an author, world renowned speaker, and founder of the Ames Leadership Institute. With a background in communication and organizational behavior and more than thirty years of experience in business, Kevin is an expert in the areas of leadership development, culture, engagement, teamwork, and personal and professional development. Kevin spent a decade working in the leadership development and coaching space with the Franklin Covey organization before spending eight years as Director of the OC Tanner Institute. Kevin has worked with more than 1500 companies, including most of the Fortune 1000, and has given more than 2000 presentations to companies, colleges, and conferences around the globe.


“Working with the Institute has helped us better understand what we need to do to inspire and empower our
employees to be purpose-driven and ultimately key contributors within the organization.”
—Mark Foley, Executive with Raley’s


Psychological Ownership


High-Level Collaboration


Dynamic Results

Companies that work with the Institute see their workforce acquire the characteristics and attributes of high
achievement, leading to significant increases in performance, production, and profitability.



Our compass is our constant
reminder to be principal centered,
action oriented, and results based.